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Rejoice Music Therapy's aim is to provide personalized, thoughtful, and professional music therapy services and to educate the community, healthcare professionals, and caregivers on the benefits and applications of music therapy.
Contact Rejoice to schedule music therapy sessions or a public speaking event.  Music Therapy sessions are scheduled based on client need, location, staff availability, and are offered in either group or individual settings.  

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  • reduce anxiety, physical effects of stress, & signs and symptoms of depression

  • enhance memory

  • increase self-expression, self-esteem, & communication

  • improve overall physical rehabilitation

  • facilitate movement and strengthen motor skills

  • increase motivation to engage in treatment/comply with care

  • reduce pain perception

  • provide emotional & spiritual support

  • provide meaningful social interaction

  • lower heart rate & blood pressure

  • promote or maintain overall wellness

  • regain, maintain, or improve level of function

  • facilitate & build community

Rejoice NEW LOGO black w vs.png


Group music therapy sessions take place in skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care communities, as well as community centers, churches, day centers, and hospitals. Guided by the overall needs of the group, sessions may focus on a variety of goals.  Individual sessions take place wherever the client calls home, whether it be a house, skilled care or assisted living community, or day center.  Sessions will be tailored to the individual's needs and preferences.  

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Rejoice serves people.  That means individuals, families, communities, caregivers, ageing people, people at the end of life, young people, people with medical diagnoses, people with social and cognitive needs, people who seek emotional or spiritual support, people who need an outlet, and people who want to stay well.  Rejoice is also available for public speaking and educational events for multi-disciplinary audiences.

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