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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is an effective healthcare profession in which a credentialed music therapist utilizes music interventions to accomplish individualized non-musical goals.  Music therapy is for all ages, abilities & skills levels, & happens in group or individual settings.  Music & its elements (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, structure, pulse, timbre, texture, tempo, tonality, harmony) are the tools used during sessions.  This can be in active ways including, but not limited to singing, drumming, songwriting, movement, & improvisation or may be passive such as therapeutic listening & responding to live, client-preferred music.

Music therapy provides a clinical & evidence-based low-risk, high-value approach to numerous goals that is non-invasive, non-threatening, & non-pharmacological.  A music therapist applies their training & skill to help others regain, maintain, or improve some level of function while addressing non-musical goals.  Since music stimulates the ENTIRE brain, goals are not limited to one area, & may be cognitive, social, physical, emotional, spiritual, related to end of life care, or in a combination of areas.

A Music Therapist must complete a minimum of a bachelor's degree in music therapy with 1,200 hours of clinical practicum, including a 1,040 hour professional internship before passing the board exam.   The Certification Board for Music Therapists maintains a list of credentialed individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Meredith

I’m Meredith Whitlow, MMT, MT-BC, founder & owner of Rejoice Music Therapy, LLC based in Mooresville, NC. I began Rejoice because I believe whole-heartedly in the powerful impact and clinical efficacy of music and recognized the need for music therapy in my home community. I am a lifelong musician with a background in all things musical from church music to opera, instrumentalist to vocalist, & performer to director.  I am a classically trained singer (UNC- Greensboro) & Master's level board-certified Music Therapist with a minor in Psychological Science (Queens University of Charlotte, Colorado State University).  My 1,040-hour clinical internship was completed at Queens University Music Therapy Clinic & Atrium Health Mercy-Charlotte (formerly Mercy Hospital) in medical intensive care & in post & pre-operative care.  I credit classical training, opera work, church musician roles, & even my marching band days with preparing me well to deliver my best every day as a clinician, a business owner, internship supervisor, & employer.    

My professional music therapy background includes work across ages & diagnoses (although primarily adult medical & aging populations including end of life);  public speaking, presenting, & guest lecturing on music therapy; internship supervision; & local state advocacy & legislation efforts. 

Initially a solo endeavor, Rejoice Music Therapy began with faith & determination, reaching a small number of clients in the Mooresville, NC area.  I am thankful to say that at the time of this writing Rejoice employs a team of board-certified music therapists in order to serve hundreds of clients across the state of North Carolina!  Stay tuned to see where we grow next! 

Meet the Rejoice Team

Spreading Music Therapy As Far As We Can Reach

Rejoice Music Therapy employs talented and compassionate board-certified music therapists to serve  residents across the state of NC.  Our ever-growing client list includes skilled nursing communities, memory care units, assisted living communities, adult day centers, community centers, and private homes. Rejoice is currently adding music therapists to the team, so please contact Rejoice to see if our services are available in your area.

Board Certified Music Therapist

Sarah joins Rejoice after earning her music therapy degree from Appalachian State University & completing her internship at Medical University of South Carolina.  Sarah extends the reach of Rejoice by serving skilled nursing residents in the Asheville, NC & Hendersonville, NC areas.  Sarah grew up loving music through church, private lessons, & school band, before ultimately choosing music therapy as her career.


Board Certified Music Therapist

Jamie earned her music therapy degree from Appalachian State University & completed her clinical internship at Four Seasons Hospice in Flat Rock, NC. Her love of music developed over the years through the help of her family, church, & school band. In her free time, she loves to cook, listen to podcasts, & make memories with her family & friends.  Jamie is the voice of Rejoice in the Greensboro, NC area.  



Board Certified Music Therapist

Anna earned a Master’s of Art Degree in Counseling Ministries from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary & a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Music Therapy at Charleston Southern University. In addition to being a board-certified Music Therapist, Anna is also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), & has been providing music therapy & mental health services in the Wilmington area since 2007, where she will remain as a member of the Rejoice team.

A seasoned therapist, she has been honored to work in a variety of facilities & agencies providing various levels of care. Her training as a Music Therapist allows enhancement of the therapeutic environment for alternate modalities to promote reminiscence, elevated mood, rhythmic motor activity, increased breath support, social interactions, & song-writing for example. 

Anna knows professionally as well as personally the impact of music for one’s well being & dignity throughout all stages of life. Composing original music keeps her perspective fresh as she understands expressive arts & healing have been an aspect of her own journey. She is thrilled to be part of Rejoice & to witness the healing warmth of music in ministry.



Board-Certified Music Therapist

Kamryn earned her Music Therapy degree from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  Kamryn's hybrid internship through ECU afforded her experiences across populations, diagnoses, and settings including end of life care, post-operative needs, dementia and other age-related diagnoses, and developmental diagnoses, as well as residential, day, school, and community settings.  In addition to being a board certified Music Therapist, she is a Certified Dementia Practitioner.  Outside of music, she loves animals and being in nature, places a high value on being active in her church, and is a faithful Carolina Hurricanes fan. Kamryn will represent Rejoice by serving the Eastern part of North Carolina.  



Music Therapy Intern

Ciyetzi has completed coursework for her music therapy degree at Queens University of Charlotte & will complete a total of 1,040 clinical internship hours with Rejoice.  She currently works as an assisted living care-giver & is fluently bilingual.  Ciyetzi's love for music has grown & developed through musicianship & service at church, with her family, & as a student vocalist & performer. 

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